Emtala Guidelines

  1. Good morning everyone, I figured a question on Emtala would make a good subject for Sunday morning.
    Question to all if anyone knows anything about this.
    Working in rural hospital. R.N.'s are permitted to do the medical screening in the ER per policy of the hospital and bylaws. Does the RN have to have special medical training to do the medical screening? I am still in the dark. This is new to me and I don't know. I will appreciate any responses, thanks
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    My understanding is that it depends on the rules of the state. In Illinois, a "screening exam" must be done by a physician or a "physician's designate." Our hospital (710 bed level one trauma center) only allows an advanced practice RN or an MD (we don't have PA's in the ER) do this.