El Centro Humanities Classes

  1. I'm apply this summer for Jan 2015 entrance to the nursing program at El Centro.

    I'm going to take AP II in the fall to increase chances the next go around if I don't get in.

    I'm needing a humanities class to take with AP II. Any thoughts on a relatively easy class being that I'm pairing it with AP II. I'd like to put most of my effort towards APII.

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  3. by   MsGRN817
    Hello Alleykonkle. With any Humanities course, there's reading and writing of reports / papers. The only courses that will give you the extra points on the nursing application are Art Appreciation 1301 and an English class at the 2000 level in terms of course number. I would suggest looking at who teaches the class and them look at their ratings online to help you decide.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   Thurman612
    I took Humanities 1315 online at MVC. not sure if I will even get credit for that, very confusing!