El centro adn 2012.. Scared !!

  1. Is anyone applying for fall 2012? I have 14 points and a total hesi score of 89.8%...im not sure if that is good enough to get accepted :/
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  3. by   JC0476
    Have you re-taken HESI?
  4. by   SarahLindsey
    Yes and I was going to sign up again but all the dates are full.. Im not sure if I even have a chance
  5. by   JC0476
    Have you tried North Lake?
  6. by   SarahLindsey
    No I haven't.. Its just the anatomy section.. I have an 80 thats what's bringing my grade down
  7. by   JC0476
    You should check at North Lake for sure
  8. by   SarahLindsey
    Ya I'm looking.. Do u think my score way to low
  9. by   JC0476
    What are your scores for HESI....what is your total points?
  10. by   SarahLindsey
    I think my avg is 89.9 if im doing it right. Vocab 90%Math 96%Reading 95.6%Grammar 95%Anatomy 80%
  11. by   JC0476
    That gives you 6 points for HESI.....is that what you calculated?
  12. by   SarahLindsey
    yes but what i am nervous about is since i only have 14 points they use your total hesi score as the tie breaker say if 14 was the lowest pts they took.. and im not sure my total hesi score is high enough
  13. by   thomasphan
    I saw people get into the north lake program with 14. Im not sure about their hesi scores though..
  14. by   Denisse_1
    I'm interested in applying to this program as well but for Spring 2013. I took the HESI but not the science sections do they accept any tests taken after the deadline? Good luck to all of you!