Dansko shoes in Houston?

  1. hey...i was just wondering, looking for a store in houston that sells danskos, i start my clinicals in 8 weeks and i want the marcelle, but i heard not to order them online, that you really need to try them on to get the right size...any info would be great! thanks ya'll!!
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    I think they have them at Discount Uniforms. It's right next to Majors Bookstore on Fannin.
  4. by   joshuaclay
    yes. they do have dansko at discount uniforms.
  5. by   happytex
    You may want to check European Walking Store in Rice village. I bought a pair of Professionals there. They seemed to have a good selection and helpful staff - here's a link to their site: www.eurowalking.com