Dallas Area Nurses

  1. i am in the process of trying to negotiate a higher salary. i'd like to get a general idea of what rns in the dallas area make as an average salary. if you wouldn't mind sharing with me:
    area worked
    years experience
    hourly rate/salary

    thanks so much!!
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  3. by   daisy87
    new grad
    shift diff--$3.50/weekends, $5/nights

    I have heard of other new grads in this area starting out between $21.50 to $23-something an hour. I believe Parkland pays slightly higher than most other DFW hospitals.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    The Dallas-area job market is generally low-paying for RNs due to the masses of nursing programs in the area that churn out hundreds of warm bodies into the job market every 6 months. Schools such as El Centro, Brookhaven, TCC, Southwestern Adventist, TCU, TWU, Hill, Navarro, Collin County, UTA, Trinity Valley Community College, and others are saturating DFW with new RNs, which keeps pay rates low.

    Rather than negotiate with an experienced nurse for a higher salary, it's easier in today's business climate to hire a new nurse and pay him/her less money.