Currently Work @ St Joseph Med Center Houston?

  1. Hello All and thanks in advance!

    Does anyone currently work at St Joseph Medical center in Houston? I know the hospital is owned by Iasis healthcare now. The reason I ask is that Iasis recruits at the school I currently attend and I graduate in June. They are offering relocation and sign on bonus for my school in particular (don't know if they recruit at other schools or what not I just know the situation for where I go to school). I'm originally from Austin TX but that market is very competitive and hard for new grads. I've just done a lot of digging on working conditions at their other hospitals and not a lot of positive things are coming up. Was hoping to get an idea of how current employees like working there. There was nothing current on this facility when I did a search. Thanks again!
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  3. by   melmonlove
    i currently work there and have for a year. As with any changes with company owners, there is always a big turnover. alot of people have left and gone elsewhere on my floor but most likely for better pay. the hospital is just now going through a transition and converting from paper to computers. Many people don't do well with change, but its for the better. i don't plan on leaving yet. The benefits are ok but not as great as they used to be before iasis got the company. except for the tuition reimbursement which is now between 5-6,000/year. what floor are you applying for? you're more than welcome to message me if you want additional information.
  4. by   Tracy1275
    Thanks for responding! Sadly I haven't been on the site long enough to PM (what a pain)! I really want ER as that's my dream job but with as tough of a market as it is now for new grads, having a job right out of school and not having to spend the 6+ months wondering when i'm going to get one would be a great relief! I was wondering more if you get called off a lot and how your internship went or if you get the opportunity for overtime. Do you know what the starting per hour rate is? I was also looking at Austin and San Antonio but Austin is completely saturated and i'm pretty sure the starting rate is higher in Houston. Thanks so much again for responding
  5. by   TxSunflower
    For those who have been recently hired or currently work at St. Joseph Medical Center. If possible could someone provide me with a nurse recruiter's email or any other type of contact information. Specifically for the NICU if possible. Im a new grad and have applied to the NICU there as well as the new graduate position and have left many messages for HR, which have never been returned. Therefore, I am hoping to get another type of contact information for this position. I have had several friends receive job interviews solely by being able to contact the correct recruiter. My dream job is to work in the NICU and I feel as though I am running out of options. If any can help I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. by   Makani
    I called today and I was able to speak to the recruiter. She even knew who was calling because I didn't give her my name and she addressed my by my last name. So just keep calling and you will get through.
  7. by   TxSunflower
    Could you give me the number you called so I can make sure I am actually calling a number that someone answers! Thanks in advance if you can!
  8. by   Makani
    713-757-1000 ask for the nurse recruiter.