College of the Mainland VN sp19

  1. Hello, I was In search of any future, former, or current students of the VN program at College of the Mainland. I have already applied for the program but wanted to know what I should be expecting If I get accepted. Also, what was the gpa of your prerequisites when you got in? Thank you.
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  3. by   BriLVN
    Hello, I'm also applying for the VN Spring 2019 program. I made an A in AP1... the adviser told me I had 420 points.
  4. by   lclouser1
    Hi! I thought no one would ever answer I forgot I even posted this lol! But the advisor didn't give me a score. Do you know how they calculated that?
  5. by   BriLVN
    Change the title of the post to say LVN instead of VN because everyone is searching LVN. For an example I made an A in AP1 so my gpa is 4.0 so that's considered 400 points. Then you get 20=A, 15=B, 10=C. Since I made an A that added 20 more points to the 400 I have. And if you have another degree add 10 points.