CNE courses for license renewal.

  1. Hello everyone!
    I got my Texas RN license in 2014, however, I have been working as an academic researcher oversea and I have not practiced nursing since I obtained my license. I would like to renew my license now and I need to take 20 hours of online Cotinue Nursing Education courses. My question is, Texas Board of Nursing Requires RNs to complete the CNE cpurses related to their area of practice, since I have not been practicing nursing, what kind of courses I could take online(I found some free courses such as Nurse CNE | Texas Health Steps, but can I just pick any courses?)
    Am I even eligible for renewaling my license due to my lack of nursing working experiences?

    Another question, if I am not able to renew my license, can I still use RN as my credential on academic papers?

    Sorry there are a lot of questions, thank you for your time! I really appreciate your help!
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