CNA's administering meds set up by LVN/HH

  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and not familiar with where to find certain topics AND my research capabilities seem to be diminishing today as the rain falls outside...I am looking for documentation regarding prescribed medications being administered by CNA in the home [24 hour in house home health care] which have been set up weekly by an LVN. I understand that in nursing homes this is okay when the CNA meets certain training requirements, but not sure if that carries over to home health.

    I appreciate any insight and [hopefully] links for review.
    TIA, Deb
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  3. by   IamRN
    It may be helpful to check out the links I posted here.
  4. by   DebbyMK
    Thanks! I need to educate myself on the basics pretty quickly for a case I'm reviewing. I think those sites will help me get a good head start.