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  1. Howdy everyone. I'm in the middle of a CNA class which will end in mid-October. I'm just wondering how hard the final exams are. I've got the book smarts but I'm very intimidated when it comes to clinicals. I'm so afraid I'm going to mess up horribly. Any information on how the board exams are in TX? Any words of advice?

    Also, does anybody what hospitals/clinics hire new CNAs in the Fort Worth area? I'm not really looking forward to working in geriatrics but understand that sometimes you just have to take what you can get. My ultimate goal, assuming I finish my prereqs at my local CC and get into the nursing school is to go into OB so I can work with those darling little babies.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You may want to look at Kindred Hospital and Centennial Medical Center. Browse through the employment websites as well. I've only seen a few postings the last few days, but should help.