1. Im planning on taking a course at Lee college. But everyone there keeps giving me the run around.. and Im wondering if i can just study for the cna exam, and volenteer at a clinic to get the experience? And get my liscense after that?
    But if i do take the course at the college, is there a certin age You have to be to take the exam?
    Because im 17, and they told me i can take the course.. but im wondering if in the end, and after i pay almost $700 if i can even take the exam?
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  3. by   mathwizard
    everything you need to know about CNA is on this website for Texas. Good luck

    Many places like nursing homes offer training for free check on it by calling around. I am doing training at a community college but it only cost me about $500 and it is worth it so far. Dont forget you also will need certain shots and a background check to work anywhere that will add to your costs also.