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  1. Hi, my name is Karina. I'm currently in the process of applying at Chamberlain in Pearland. I turned in my transcript, fafsa, application and I'm currently getting ready for my HESI. Before I began my application process I talked to one of the admissions advisors.. I told them my GPA was not high enough, 2.56, I know it's horrible but i had to work two jobs and full time.. she told me that since I was right under the 2.75 gpa requirement to still apply.. and that hopefully my HESI A2 exam would help me get accepted. She seamed very positive so I agreed.. So I wanted to ask do any of you that are already in the program.. know if I have a possibility? I mean they painted it nice.. I just want to know if I should get my hopes up.. I'm very nervous and anxious..

    Ps. I've taken all my prerequisites I got my associates in life science at San jac... I also have CNA experience.
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  3. by   hop3fulnurse
    Hey! So, I think you should get accepted because you have a degree AND you're a CNA. I know so many places love that because you are more knowledgable. I'm hoping to get into Chamberlain too.