California to Texas-finding a bridge program near Houston

  1. My husband and I have been in California for the last 4 years. I got my LVN here and have been working for almost 2 years. We just had our first child, almost 6months ago We found out today that my husband got orders to Korea for a year. During that time I'm moving in with my parents...they're in the Houston area -Tomball.
    After that year,we will move 3hrs away closer to Ft.Hood,where he'll be stationed after Korea.

    I'm looking for a bridge program (Lvn to RN) that I can finish while he's gone. Private colleges are ok and kind of preferred as they don't have waitlists
    but I haven't found any! Could someone tell me what's out there? I've went to the TX bon site and had a look but...I only see lonestar colleges and chamberlain (3yrs-won't work) and a few colleges that aren't CCNE or ACEN accredited which is just a waste of my time. far I've sent applications to WGU TX and UTA AOBSN

    any new new info would be so so helpful!
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    Take a look at Lone Star College. They have several locations in the Houston area. Lone Star has a LVN-RN Bridge Program at Lone Star- North Harris for sure.
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    Thx! I've looked into lonestar colleges but unfortunately I just don't have the time for their programs. I've applied to WGU and UTA and hoping one of those picks me up. I need that flexibility!
  6. by   CurlyGirlie
    I've heard great things about WGU and UTA. Good luck to you!