Brookhaven Nursing Program Clinicals Question

  1. What areas of the hospital does Brookhaven usually do thier clinicals in? Thanks
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  3. by   jla623
    What do you mean by the areas? The different units?

    I had my first semester on an oncology floor, 2nd semester I was on a med/surg floor, ortho floor, and neuro floor. 3rd semester was Peds/OB/Psych. My last semester was a unit of my choice and I did CVICU.

    Clinicals are at hospitals all over Dallas. The ones that I heard of people having were: Medical City, Baylor downtown, Baylor Plano, Baylor Irving, Baylor Garland, UT Southwestern, Parkland, Childrens, Green Oaks, Richardson Regional, and Med Ctr of Plano.

    Does that answer your question?
  4. by   techraider77
    Yes, thank you very much