best hospital to work for in Houston, TX

  1. I may be relocating to this area in the future. Wondering what hospital is best to work for, labor and delivery in particular.

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  3. by   HouTx
    Can you define your parameters for "best"? Would that be in the area of well-baby, super-duper posh birth experience? Caring for complex/unusual situations? High-risk? Or are you defining 'best' on the basis of employee benefits, work environment, salary??

    Need a bit more context.
  4. by   scb7620
    There are lots of great hospitals in the Medical Center with L&D Units- Memorial Hermann and Texas Children's to name a couple. What specifically are you looking for?
  5. by   violet_violet
    Any recommended hospital especially for labor and delivery?
  6. by   violet_violet
    Looking for employee benefits.... As well as the place where all the patients want to go to have their babies