Baptist System School of Health Professions

  1. Anyone have experience with this school? Applied to it? Gone through it? Known anybody that went through it? I applied there for this fall and am a little nervous about getting in. It sounds really competitive. But I'd like to hear if anyone knows anything else about it or is applying for the fall too! :spin:

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  3. by   jollyjenny
    I live in San Antonio and have a friend who graduated from the Baptist school and she absolutely loved it. She has nothing but positive things to say about that school! Good luck!
  4. by   iHeartNICU
    I have a friend that went there. She really enjoyed her time there and feels pretty prepared going into her new RN position.
  5. by   violingirl
    Awesome! Thanks. :-)
  6. by   tmax8272
    I worked at a hospital that was part of the baptist health system as well as had many friends/coworkers that graduated from the program... I have heard nothing but good things! Also, the hospitals you get to do clinicals at are great!