Baptist School of Health Professions (BSHP) Spring 2012

  1. Hey guys. I noticed there isn't a thread for this BSHP program. I just got my admission letter by email a couple minutes ago!

    Is there anybody else who will be going to this school in the Spring?
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  3. by   cegr
    I received my acceptance letter as well. It is a great school and I am really excited about staring in the spring.
  4. by   schmoodle
    cegr, that's great! Are you going to be doing the day classes, too?

    I still have some immunizations to take care of... not to mention the CPR.
  5. by   nikki_s1985
    Hi there! Congrats on your acceptance! I recieved an email placing me in the top 10 alternates should someone decline their position. Everyone PLEASE cross fingers! I really would like to join you guys!
  6. by   cegr
    Yes, I am attending the day classes.

    Nikki, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I know I declined SAC because I got into Baptist so I am sure someone will decline and maybe give you an opportunity.
  7. by   NenaRK
    I won't be applying for Spring 2012 but I will be applying for Fall 2012 and I'm so excited!

    Good Luck to you all!

  8. by   nikki_s1985
    Thank you! If I don't make it in this semester I definitely plan to re-apply in the fall after retaking 2 of my pre-req's. I know those are the problem. I did great on my TEAS, so if I can do better in those courses (which I took when I was not as focused on school as I should have been) I know I will make it next time. I just REALLY hope I don't have to do that!
  9. by   schmoodle
    nikki, all the best! I was waitlisted at SAC for Spring but I got into Baptist. I definitely think it's the TEAS that helped. But I'm sending good luck vibes your way!

    Good luck for Fall Nena!

    I don't know much about Baptist. I've heard good things from somebody in the program who is a friend of a friend. And I've read great things about it here on the forum. But personally I haven't heard much about the program.
  10. by   SRA00
    Hey guys! I also got accepted to the Spring 2012 day program.
    Does anyone know anything about the shots we have to get? I haven't heard anything yet...
  11. by   schmoodle
    They didn't mention immunizations in the acceptance letter but here's a link from the website about required vaccinations.
  12. by   NenaRK
    For those of you who got accepted, did you have ALL of your prerequisites done before applying? Or are you still finishing them up?

    I ask because I talked to an admissions adviser at BSHP and he said that applicants can be accepted to the program while still finishing a prereq or two.
  13. by   SRA00
    Thank you, schmoodle!
  14. by   SRA00
    I had everything done except Micro.