Austin job market for new RN-BSN graduates

  1. Hello everyone,

    I currently live in Philadelphia and am considering moving to Austin if the job market for new graduate RNs is better. I really want a staff nurse position in a reputable hospital. I am licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and have applied to approximately 150 - 200 tier 1 RN positions at hospitals and have received very little response at all.

    I have a BSN, went to a good nursing school and received very high grades. My former work experience was as a veterinary technician for the last 10 years (medical, but not human medicine). Unfortunately, the Philadelphia area generates something like 1100 new graduate nurses each year.

    Someone posted that it is very hard to start as a staff nurse in Austin if you are a new graduate unless you are accepted into a residency program. Is this generally true? The residency program at Seton sounds great, I'm just not sure if the start times (January or June) work for me... Ideally I would move in March/April and I don't know if I would be eligible for the June start time since I graduated last May (almost 12 months).

    New graduates or veteran staff nurses, please let me know your opinion about the Austin job market and your experiences with acquiring your first staff RN job. Thanks so much!
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