Austin Community College Fall 2009 Entry

  1. Just wondering who else is waiting on acceptance for Fall 2009 for ACC? I am about to go crazy waiting till May 1st!
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  3. by   mhayley
    Hola, I'm waiting too. I'm hoping it won't be too long past the first. Since Fall registration is May 18th you'd think they'd have the letters out before then.
  4. by   editor2rn
    I'm waiting, too!
  5. by   mwski
    I'm waiting, too! First I heard that the letters would go out AFTER May 1st but then I heard that the letters may not go out until the 15th. That is what a person in my psych class told me Tuesday night because she called the ADN office on Monday....
  6. by   beckabee
    Oh great! I am waiting on my letter to quit my job. It's one of those things were it just can't come soon enough. I really hope it's not until after the 15th. I may go insane before then.
  7. by   mwski
    I've finally given up on stressing about it. I had almost decided to defer to Spring because I was stressing about the finances of it all, quitting my job, financial aid, etc. But my husband said "Why defer? Just do it! There will never be a PERFECT time." I am taking one on-line course in a short summer session and then .... who knows? Good luck!
  8. by   beckabee
    mwski: I think you and I had some classes together...anatomy, physiology, and nursing skills?
    I feel the same way about finances, job and financial aid. I just want to get started so badly, I hope fall is the semester for me! Good luck to you too!
  9. by   beckabee
    ADN website says Thursday (May 7th) is the day letters go out! I am so nervous but so anxious, I just need to know already!
  10. by   mwski
    I just saw that, too! I am keeping an eye on it for my friend, Scott (he was in our classes, too) becuase he is in Europe right now. I just sent him an email to be watching on Thursday! The end is in sight....or is it just the beginning....
  11. by   texasRN_14
    good luck to you all!!!
  12. by   nursinglove09
    Does anyone know if they drug test you once you get in the program?
  13. by   mwski
    acc doesn't do drug testing as part of acceptance into the program but the handbook says:
    therefore, the health sciences department has
    adopted a substance abuse testing program wherein a student who is participating in
    clinical classes will be tested for drugs when there is reasonable suspicion that the
    student is under the influence of alcohol and or illegal drugs, i.e., drugs which are
    controlled substances under federal law which are not being used under the supervision

    of a licensed health care professional, or otherwise in accordance with the law.
    so they can test you if they suspect that you might be on something...
  14. by   editor2rn
    One more day! I'm going crazy! I had a guy named Scott in my anatomy class. Did you have Wayne?