asian moving to lubbock...advice pls!

  1. hello everyone,

    hi we are going to move to lubbock soon... im from the philippines, will work as nurse in one of the biggest hospital in lubbock. can anyone help us what to expect and what kind of invironment we will going to have. we have 3 kids, 3-5 years of age, and maybe some tips on the housing,. school for my children etc.

    thanks and god bless....

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  3. by   papawjohn
    Hey Densel

    I'm an ol' southern boy (in the US that makes me a kin-folk to people in texas) and I'm amazed that someone from overseas would stick a dart in the map and decide on LUBBUCK? But if you're determined (maybe by contract?) to go to Lubbuck TX you have a steep learning curve.

    Pickup trucks and SUVs replace feet and legs.

    WalMart and SamsClub replace markets.

    Baptist church replaces thinking.

    When you are ready to try the rest of the USA, PM me.

    Papaw John
  4. by   suzanne4
    There is a sticky thread at the top of the International forum addressing these types of questions.

    Check it out.