Arlington Memorial Hospital

  1. Any thoughts on Arlington Memorial Hospital?
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  3. by   safehealthcare
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    Any thoughts on Arlington Memorial Hospital?
    The Nursing Staff is very good and wonderful but they are under staffed and way over worked could hurt your self there or any Texas Health Resourse hospital.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I simply know that their starting pay is slightly higher than other hospitals in the area for RNs.
  5. by   RN1989
    They are always desperate for staff. The recruiter would not stop calling me after I put in an application. Problem was that she would not discuss the position that I had applied for, she just kept telling me that she had other positions that she wanted me to look at. She wouldn't stop, even when I told her that I was only interested in the position I applied for. I finally had to stop answering her phone calls before she would go away and leave me alone.