Anyone taken Pathophys at TWU-Parkland? I need your help!

  1. I'm taking Pathophys with MacArthur this summer. It starts next Monday, to be exact, and it runs five (gloriously painful, I understand!) weeks.

    I've already started reading the chapters, but can anyone enlighten me as to the best way to study for this class? Should I pour over the chapters or just be familiar enough with the material that I'll at least have heard of this stuff before she covers it in class?

    What is the format of her tests? Multiple choice, short answer, a little of both?

    Lastly, I was thinking of getting a new laptop. Did anyone find using a laptop was useful for this class? I can type a lot quicker than I can write! (For that matter, was a laptop helpful in ANY of your nursing school classes???) But if I'm doing a lot of drawing/labeling-type note-taking, maybe it's not quite as helpful?

    I dunno...Just trying to relax and not freak out about this class before it even starts. I'd sure feel better if I could get some answers from of the pros!
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