Anyone doing the Texas Tech 2nd Degree BSN Distance program?

  1. Just curious about the program from someone who has done it?

    I completed my first BS at Texas Tech, but took traditional classes. I only started taking online classes Summer 2017, to get prereqs lined up for UTHSCSA.

    It seems peculiar to do a nursing education online.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    It looks like the content is online but there are still hundreds of clinical hours you must complete.
  4. by   jgapinski
    I wasnt clear, but I understood this. Know anyone who has gone through this program?
  5. by   Irish_Mist
    I did the second degree BSN program through Texas Tech. It is a year long and it requires MANY clinical hours. I attended clinicals twice a week for two full 12 hour shifts with my preceptor. If you have any questions about the program, I am all ears!
  6. by   Lvnbsn
    Hello, I'm interested in this program..... Can you please provide like a brief summary of how everything works? Like how often do you have to meet etc... Any info would be greatly appreciated .