Any Tyler-area nurses/students?

  1. Hello!

    My husband is interviewing for a job in Tyler, TX and I am itching to get any information about the area and schools in the area that I can. I am currently in my second semester of a ADN nursing degree and might have to transfer to a school out there. Please, if you can provide any info, I would really appreciate it. Also, any info about nice places to live etc. Thanks so much!!

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  3. by   J-9TylerTexas
    Amber, check the UT Tyler thread, I kinda jointly replied.

  4. by   CametoitlateTexan
    Howdy! Welcome to Texas!

    I attend the Tyler Junior College ADN program. All positive so far.
    Good luck.

    If I can assist you further, let me know.
  5. by   wtbcrna
    Tyler is a pretty nice area. I used to work at ETMC in Tyler before joining the Airforce. I would recommend looking at Trinity Mother Frances and ETMC for nursing jobs. TMF has a reputation for treating their nurses better than ETMC.
    I can't really help you on where to live in Tyler.