any East texas peaople out there

  1. Anyone from east texas maybe lufkin area?
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  3. by   carachel2
    I'm from the Tyler area. I don't live there any longer though. Do you have a question?
  4. by   scarlet
    I'm in the Lake Livingston area. We moved here from South East Texas last year and love it!
  5. by   TXChazzer
    From Lufkin here.
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    when i was a kid we would camp in lake livingston about twice a year. i miss that...

    Quote from scarlet
    i'm in the lake livingston area. we moved here from south east texas last year and love it!
  7. by   roden
    What nursing program are you attending? I actually live in apple springs!
  8. by   t0byzmom
    I'm in Jacksonville....about 30 miles south of Tyler
  9. by   medicalma'am
    I am in Nacogdoches.