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Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?... Read More

  1. by   thuynwin
    I didn't get on ... I had a feeling I wouldn't but IM going to take rnsg nursing skill 1 in a week so that would go towards my points plus the 5 replying. I was rank 165. Congrats on who got accepted!! Keep us posted on the info of the program. Love to hear from u! Anyone doing clinicals at St. Davids north Austin stop by in endo and say hi!!
  2. by   JennieAnne25
    Happy to say Im in, and sad to say Im really freaked out. I have no idea how Im gonna fit this in with the rest of my life but Ive been working on it for half my life. I wish I knew exactly when and where I have to be so I can get it figured out with my job. I really need to do some weekend clinicals and minimize my time in the classroom during working hours. Im dreading this wait to hear and hope that I can get the CEC option since its the closest to my home and work. Im glad theres a place to come and chat with others in the same position.
  3. by   thuynwin
    SO I need a little help!

    I am taking the RNSG skills 1 class in about 5 days. I went ahead and bought the Fundamentals of nursing by taylor 7 edition with DVD on Ebay (cheaper) and the skills guide. Well, this whole time I thought I got everything. My professor sent an e-mail to everyone in the class and says that there is also a set of clinical skills DVD's that NOT within the book that was required. I've been trying to find this set online so I could purchase it separately, but i cannot find anywhere. So i went ahead and went to the ACC bookstore and bought the stupid package deal ( 206.00!) I thought maybe if I just can see what it looks like I can find it online and then just return it. WRONG!, the whole package comes in a brown box and you can't see inside unless you open it, which if you open it then you can't RETURN it. So, I was like okay I'll just return the other stuff, well I got it off of Ebay and there's no returns!

    So, does anyone know what this set of DVD looks like, or how I can get it? Or does anyone want to buy it from me..??
  4. by   yejin0816
    That is weird. I just got finished with my nursing skills but all I had to buy was fundamental of nursing txt book, guide, and the video. I got the set off of amazon. Maybe your professor meant the DVD that is called "clinical nursing skills." Is this the one you already have?
  5. by   thuynwin
    I have the fundamental of nursing textbook that has a DVD in the book. But she is saying that along with this DVD, there is another set. She list is as "skills" cd, so im guessing thats it. do you have it? Can you send me a pic of the cover ?
  6. by   thuynwin
    You have the 7 edition by Taylor correct?
  7. by   yejin0816
    Yea, the book is 7th edition. But the DVD is 2nd edition.. I can send you the pictures if you want. I am sure all the nursing skills use the same book and stuff??
  8. by   yejin0816
    Oh yes, the DVD is separate from the book. This DVD is different from the one that is included in the book.
  9. by   yejin0816
    Oh yea, you have to buy Separate DVD. It's not the one included in the book.
  10. by   yejin0816
    I can send you the pic. But how do I do that on here? Or can you give me your email add? I will send you the pics to your email.
  11. by   thuynwin
    hey yejun0816, I sent you a private message.
  12. by   amydons
    Congrats to you all who got in for Spring 2013! I am hoping to get in eventually, I have 57.5 points and am ranked 157. eek! I am curious if any of you who got in what your deadline is to either decline or defer acceptance. I appreciate any help! Thanks!
  13. by   nickasarbata
    Has anyone received their campus placement email yet? They were supposed to arrive yesterday right?