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  1. Hello everyone!

    This is my first post since I finally became a member of this website. I have always used this place to read about different specialties in nursing and I'm glad to say that I am finally going to apply to nursing school this cycle for Fall 2019.

    I have different schools in mind so the one I mentioned in the subject line is one of my choices. I've been talking to an advisor at this school since April. They evaluated my transcript (non-nursing Bachelors Degree) and said I had three classes to take before applying to the program by this December. They said it was okay for me to take these remaining classes at Houston Community College since I don't live in Austin. (yet!)

    Has anyone ever heard of this school? Better yet, are there students that go here that can give me some advice about this program? I try to look at the school's website, but no luck about passing NCLEX rates or anything. I believe it is a new program, because Google can barely find any stats about it.

    I would appreciate everyone's help in this as I decide to take on this journey of becoming a nurse by picking the right school.

    Be blessed!
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