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Texas Nurses With Criminal Record

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I am a pre-nursing student in Texas working on my pre-requisites and I have a class B misdemeanor (deferred adjudication) for a criminal mischief charge on my record from 12 years ago. This is the only time I was ever involved with the law and the only mark I have on my record.

After reading multiple posts on here about other pre-nursing students who had criminal records and were allowed to get their nursing education and finally get their license does make me feel somewhat better about my situation. I understand that getting into a nursing program and getting the Texas BON to ok the license with a criminal record is one thing.

BUT, the big question I have is for those nurses that graduated and got licensed and have a criminal record....how hard was it to actually get a job here in Texas with a criminal record?

Any information is greatly appreciated.


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For the last few years, Tx, nursing schools have to obtain the same level of (criminal) background check for prospective students - just like the one that is used by health care employers. So, if you're able to get through school, it is highly unlikely that you would be prevented from taking NCLEX or obtaining employment as a nurse.