Texas New Grad - Nurse Residency Frustration

by kmdsby kmdsby (New) New Student

I’m a May BSN graduate in Texas that has already passed NCLEX. Applied to several Nurse Residency programs and have been accepted to two. Plan on taking the first one that actually gives me a contract to sign. Both keep pushing cohort dates back because of skyrocketing COVID rates. Frustrating because I am eager to jump in and start residency and start helping with COVID fight but I also understand that they may not have time for newbies like myself during these crucial times. I’m thinking of applying for out of state programs now because I don’t want to be left high and dry as more and more students graduate from school and glut the market because of backlogs. I’m not sure what to do. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Its hard all over for new grads right now due to COVID. Even if you started your residency right now a good hospital isn't going to let you anywhere near a COVID patient. Finding people with time to precept can be rough.

I know that Parkland has a robust residency program and isn't delaying start times. If you feel you need to work, then yes, you should look around elsewhere.