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Texas licensure and Criminal History

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by John G John G (New) New Pre-Student

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I have been working in EMS (AEMT)for the last 9 years. Considering going to school for BSN and becoming ER Nurse, Flight Nurse, ICU, pediatric, or working offshore as a Nurse. 

My concern is licensure,  school/clinicals and Employment at Hospitals.  

 My problem is that I am a convicted felon.  I have minor drug possession charges from over 15 years ago. 

  looking for a way for the Texas board of nursing to review my case and tell me if I'm eligible to be certified - considering I complete all of the educational and training requirements.  I'm sure there's an application somewhere I just have not found it yet.  I did send them an email with this question..

So, my first step is make this post and to ask for   your opinion, concerns and  advice  relating to licensure , school and completing clinicals and employment. 


 Thank you in advance for your time.





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