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Texas enforcement

by Annie890 Annie890 (New) New

I was arrested more than 11 years ago for domestic violence , but it was dismissed in court when I saw the judge.When I asked my attorney to check and see if anything showed on my background check he told me : no. I applied for my license in Texas , don't really remember doing it, but I answered no to the question if you were ever arrested. Well they asked for a copy of the court paper of incident and a letter of explanation . I sent it. Now they have sent my file over to enforcement . They just tell me it could take 60 to 90 days for review. I just can't believe this. All my plans is to move to texas. I have prayed about . Can you give me any advice if they would deny me licensure ? Going out of my mind.

I really wished some had responded to your post...I have the same situation...I pray that all went well