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Texas BSN Pre-Licensure

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Hi All:

I am waiting to hear in the next month if I am accepted into the WGU Texas BSN Pre-Licensure Houston cohort. I am getting nervous. I am 47, have a BA in another field and graduated with a 3.3 and also have my MBA and graduated with a 3.8 and both were accredited colleges. My TEAS scores were "Proficient" but not the best; although I passed. I also have all of the pre req's done minus Bio and have a 3.25 on the Pre-req's. Lastly, I do have healthcare experience both volunteering as well as training and employment. I also work full time as I have two businesses. I really am praying that I will get into the program. Anyone out there with any feedback?

Texas "BSN Prospectus" :)

hi my advisor called me yesterday and informed me of my acceptance into the sept. 1 cohort. Have you heard anything yet?