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Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) Second Degree BSN Applicants Spring 2016

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It doesn't look like a thread has been started on this yet...Application opens soon. Anyone else applying?

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Good Morning and welcome to allnurses! It is a great place to find an answer to all your questions about nursing

Yes! I will be applying as well. Let the process begin.

I will be applying tonight! This will be my second time to apply to the program. Didn't improve hesi score from an 89 from last year.

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Good luck with applying, everyone! Once finals are done Wednesday, I will be halfway through the program at the Round Rock campus. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. A lot of the info I found on here last year was kind of outdated. It's an intense program (aren't they all?), but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

The waiting game is making me so anxious!

Best of luck to everyone!

Has anyone received a supplemental application?

Has anyone received a supplemental application?

Nope. I haven't received anything other than being asked about the fingerprinting stuff for the board of nursing.

Nope. I haven't received anything other than being asked about the fingerprinting stuff for the board of nursing.

I noticed my application changed to complete and being reviewed but no fingerprint request. I already have prints on file. Perhaps that's why I didn't receive a response.

My friend was accepted last year into this program and she didn't find out until late October, so we probably have a long time to wait. I know when I called the advisor and asked about the priority deadline, she told me "Well, you can submit it after the priority deadline of August 15th. If I were you, I would try really hard to apply for priority."

She said it as though she was implying that priority candidates are more likely to be accepted than those who applied later. Just thought I'd share.

I applied also, during the priority barely as they needed some additional transcripts. I was told by the adviser also they would be selecting most of the class from the priority. Doing finger printing today actually. I am assuming about 3 weeks to start looking whether accepted. Just emailed the adviser about when we might hear. I'll post if I hear anything different.

If it helps anyone, I applied last year after priority and got my acceptance email on 10/20. I had a 3.2 overall, high science GPA and 92 on the hesi. I think my letters of rec were probably what saved me, because I had no healthcare experience or volunteer hours.

GUYS! I received an acceptance email!!

Wow that's so awesome @eva94!!! I didn't know anyone would find out so soon. Do you mind sharing your stats with us, it's my first choice and I'm soooo nervous I won't get in. Which campus did you get accepted to?

Yes I really wasn't expecting anything until late October so it was a great surprise! I was accepted into Round Rock. I didn't choose a preference. A&M is my 2nd choice but they're only giving me until Oct 7 to accept the offer!

Overall: 3.87

Pre-req: 3.91

Science: 3.78

hesi: 94

no real prior healthcare experience besides shadowing. Lots of community service! I really hope you get in! :)

Perhaps the admission committee is sending out acceptances in waves? Like they just sent out their top choices for admits and sometime after october 7th they will send out more offers?

Well congrats, your stats are awesome! If it's your second choice you can always accept and then chose to go to the other school, that's what I am planning on doing as I got into one program but it was just my backup! Hopefully I'll get to meet some of ya'll soon :]

Accepted as well! TAMU was my absolute first choice! Whoop!

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