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I just passed LS1 and 2 and am hoping to complete LS3 in 2 weeks. After that will I be able to register and start on the FCCA right away or is it only offered during certain time frames? I have searched and searched the website and see pretty much no info! I am just wondering if I am rushing and killing myself to finish if it doesn't start till a certain date. Thanks!

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The start dates are here: Excelsior College | FCCA Term Date Schedule

I believe they will allow you to register up to a week after the start date, but you should confirm that with the school. Good luck!!

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Yea, like Pixie said, you can register for the FCCA's up to a week after they have started, after that you have to wait 8 weeks for the next session to start. Do yourself a favor, take them both at the same time. Excelsior recommends you take one and then take the other 8 weeks later, but as someone who has taken the FCCA in the past 7 months, take them both together.