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Test question


2.5 years in probation and Tuesday, I was selected for a $78 urine test with labcorp. I’ve only had $32 and $53ish dollar urine test (along with the blood, hair and nails) but never a $78 urine. Has anyone had one? It said option 9. I can’t remember the options the other priced tests were. Is this a new test or did they raise prices to accommodate the pandemic? I keep stewing in wondering if they found a new way to get more money from me. I mean- I can’t imagine it’s another test due to thinking the other two priced test would surely test for everything they would need to test for. Any One else get a price raise? Or have an option 9 test before?

I think they are trying to recoup lost revenue. I have been selected for two 'special' tests in one week. One I was able to get taken off as I do not have an alcohol restriction. Im on hold about the next one right now.

They will get their money from us. It has nothing to do. with 'recovery.'

Oh yeah... a hair test for me. Fantastic.