LTAC versus "regular" Acute Care

  1. I have been working in LTAC for about a year and a half. I like it but want to work closer to home. I am about to start applying to regular short-stay hospitals nearby. I welcome any advice on how the two types of environments differ and appreciate any tips for succeeding in a "regular" acute care environment.
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  3. by   KatieMI
    IMH(umble)O, "real acute" more commonly than not has:
    - more specialized, in-depth care (unit dependent)
    - less variety (if working in a highly specialized unit)
    - more special knowledge required (see above)
    - more dynamic, in terms of admissions/discharges,
    - less nursing autonomy,
    - more resources and specialty support (but it also means more senseless schmolicies about "what we're ALWAYS doing here", like just calling wound care team instead of attempting to fix that beeping wound vac on your own first,
    - more clinical ladder opportunities (usually)
    - more customer service nonsense

    Again, it is strictly my observations.
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