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  1. Hi! I graduated the University of Tennessee Knoxville in May 2015 with a Psychology degree. My GPA was low (I messed up my first year and was sick) and graduated with a 2.67. I immediately started taking classes in the fall to raise my gpa and apply for nursing schools. I am wanting to apply to the Spring Cohort Accelerated BSN program at the Hendersonville campus. After taking summer classes I will have a 3.02(hopefully) for the last 60 hours of my coursework. My recommendations and experiences are incredible, as I work at Vanderbilt and have gotten most of the doctors to write me letters. I am so beyond worried that I will not get in because I made a C- and D+ in biology 101 and chemistry II my freshman year. Has anyone made below a C in natural/social science classes and still gotten in?
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  3. by   JackDawson23
    HINT: Try calling one of the nursing advisors at the school!
  4. by   lmb2016
    Have you received your acceptance?
  5. by   HFavored1
    Have you considered retaking those classes? I attend Union, and they are adamant about maintaining C or above grades. They are specifically interested in your science classes. Maybe you could check to see exactly what science classes you need. For Union you need A&P 1&2 since you already have a degree.

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