TN Hospice nurses

  1. I'm a hospice RN in middle TN. Anyone else?
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  3. by   flamingochic
    hello TN hospice nurse. I am one also...the few, the proud, the hospice nurse!!! ha is your career in hospice going? i have been a nurse for 3yrs and worked hospice for 2, it is my heartbeat of nursing and unless Jesus calls me in another direction (or home) i will be one til i die....what about you? what do you find most challenging about the hospice field? i still struggle with MD's not being educated in palliative care and getting wrapped up in "false hope". C ya....
  4. by   rnrae
    Who do you work for flamingochic?
  5. by   mc3
    Hi TN hospice nurses - FL LPN here. Do your organizations hire LPN's? I've worked here in FL and Mass as a hospice nurse - work with an RN seeing cases in LTC.
    Just curious!

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