SWTCC Fall 2011 newbies!

  1. I would like to get tips or best practices from those in the Southwest Nursing program, or if you are just starting out like me if you have heard anything from others in the program you will like to sure.
    Trying to see what I can do to prepare myself until we start in the summer.
    Would love to hear from you! thanks
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  3. by   lmd05
    Honestly? Nothing is going to prepare you for that first semester. I say spend as much time with your family as possible, do all the fun things that you love and be lazy as much as you can because come August it will all end. Some tips on things that helped me:

    1) Stay on top of everything. There is no way to cram for a nursing test, it just won't happen.
    2) I used the Saunders NCLEX review book as a study tool and I felt it was VERY beneficial. I would study the material in the text and notes and then use the CD that came with the book to answer questions on the topic. You see your level of comprehension when answering NCLEX style questions.
    3) Learn how to break down a question to see EXACTLY what they are looking for, don't read too far into it and if you don't for sure know the answer to a question GO WITH YOUR GUT AND DO NOT GO BACK AND CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS.