Southwest Tennessee Community College

  1. Hello, I am taking the NLN on the 24th of Jan at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Do any of you have any suggestions on the best book to study/ prepare for it. I went to the book store on campus and was informed by the book store clerk that the book they carry is not the best study material for it. If anyone knows that have taken the exam, what's my best method for studying for it please
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  3. by   PositivelyB
    Hey im just findifinding your post. How do you think you did on the test and how was it. I go to take mine on Jan. 30. I'm using the 3rd edition NON pre-exam study review book.
  4. by   1happiwife
    You only need the NLN study book. It's pretty easy especially if you have a bachelor's already. Think gen Ed knowledge for each category. The book is red. I bought mine from Amazon for less than $10 used.
  5. by   PositivelyB
    Hey. Have you gotten your scores back yet? Which score do they use for admission into the program?