Roane State LPN Mobility vs. Traditional Program

  1. i am currently an LPN working full time in a plastic surgeons office (mon-fri 8-430) i would like to go back to school to get my RN. i have an A.S. from Roane State and would like to apply for the LPN Mobility program. I still have to take A&P in order to be considered so i am registered for that this summer. I will have missed this fall's application deadline so i was thinking about applying to the traditional program offered in the spring. my question is....has anyone gone through the traditional program (which is day classes and clinicals) and worked full time? is it possible to get your classes scheduled in 2 or 3 days a week? are the clinicals only scheduled on certain days or do you have*a choice? once i am in the traditional program is it possible to switch over into the LPN Mobility once the Fall rolls around or am i stuck in the traditional for the duration of the program?*my job is willing to work with me but not so much as to giving me whole days off through the week. i would love to hear from people who have actually gone through the program and worked full time as well as people who didn't...Thanks in advance!!
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