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    I am aware that this question has been asked before but I'd appreciate any new input thanks in advance. I'll be moving to Nashville TN in the not too distant future and I am struggling to believe how low the salary for an RN is in Tennessee. I currently live in a different state and work for a state university hospital that pays considerably more what I've seen quoted as a normal salary for TN. I am seeing that approx. $27 p/h is normal for an experienced nurse but I know how wildly salaries can vary sometimes, from one facility to another. So I wonder if this figure is really accurate. I have 8 years experience in procedural nursing, have a BSN, am specialty certified. It's one of the crazy things about our country, how there can be such a disparity between what one state pays an RN vs another state -even if the cost of living is exactly the same! Craziness. Anyway please do let me know if it's possible to make more than twenty-something dollars an hour, I appreciate any assistance.......
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