Nursing jobs in Tenn

  1. Hello
    I am thinking of moving to Tenn have been there, love it, just sold my home. I am a male nurse- RN, experienced in Hospice nursing and would like to stay in Hospice.

    1. What are the nursing jobs like in southern Tenn?
    In demand? No demand? Luke warm? Don't bother looking?

    2. Any one know how Hospice nursing jobs are in Tenn?

    3. Any central parts of the state more employable than others for nursing jobs?

    4. Places to AVOID working at?

    5. I am leaning toward the Southern portion of the state to live in, would rent at first then eventually buy a place.

    How are the Crime rates?
    Places to AVOID living in?

    6. I would like to live out in more of a country/quiet setting, what would 125k buy , housing wise?

    Any input appreciated.


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