New Grad moving to East TN...completely LOST!

  1. Hello, I will be graduating with my BSN this coming december (2011). I currently work at Vanderbilt in Nashville in on of the ICU's as a nurse extern but am planning a move to east TN when I graduate. I am moving to be closer to my boyfriend in Rogersville TN, so anything within 1 hours drive of that area would be considered. I have no idea on any of the hospitals out there....starting pay, education opportunities, working environment, etc...and I'm afraid I might have been a bit spoiled at Vandy with all the technology etc in our brand new unit :/ ANY advice at all on good areas to live, good hospitals to work at, starting wage expectations, etc would be sooooooo appreciated. I'd really like to eventually work in peds ICU, but to start out I'd be more than happy to work in any ICU, or in an ED.

    Thanks so much!
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