Good hospitals to work for in the nashville area?

  1. Centinneal, Vandy, St. thomas, etc.
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Centennial- Yes
    Vandy- Yes
    Saint Thomas- Yes
    General- No, RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I have a friend who works in the ICU here and she said there are only 2 nurses on her floor at a time. They havent had raises in a couple years and they are severly understaffed.
    StoneCrest- No, I am only saying no because when I had clinicals there they were laying off some nurses because of budget problems and usually the new/parttime/prn nurses were the first to go.
    MTMC- No, During my clinicals all the nurses seemed very unhappy.

    Hope that helps. This is only my opinion.