For those that sent applications for initial licensure after graduation in TN...

  1. How long did it take before you got your ATT?
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  3. by   Cheri234
    It took me somewhere between three and four weeks to get mine, although that was back in the beginning of May when they were probably at the peak of getting applications due to everyone graduating.
  4. by   Psyched Out RN
    It took exactly 2 weeks for me to get mine. I applied at the end of May.
  5. by   Bobylon
    About a week - my school overnighted the applications upon Friday graduation, and pretty much all of us had our ATT by the following Friday (well, those of us that provided e-mail addresses......those that didn't - a few - had to wait on snail mail to deliver the ATT).
  6. by   Cinqly
    We graduated May 9, and I got my ATT June 16. The school prepared our apps, and they claimed it took a long time due to the processing of our transcripts.