Chattanooga-Women's Health RN jobs

  1. I am thinking of moving to Chattanooga...I am graduating in May and wondering what hospitals in Chattanooga have good labor and delivery jobs? Anyone have any idea of the salary of working in Chattanooga as a new RN? Does anyone work at Women's East or Erlanger or Parkridge East? Any information you have about working as an RN in chattanooga I would love to hear from you!
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  3. by   BellyDancinB
    I'm in nursing school now and I'm planning on working in L&D when I graduate. The whole reason I decided to go into nursing was because of the wonderful treatment I recieved from Erlanger Women's East while giving birth to my daughter. They have WONDERFUL midwives there. Erlanger L&D ward I wasn't crazy about, but I've hear Parkridge East was pretty good. I'm not sure what the pay is though.. I'd be interested to know too.