austin peay state university nursing program needing advice from anyone help!

  1. hi i am 18 no children a sophmore at austin peay state a current nursing major i am trying to finish up my pre reqs by the end of the 2011-2012 school year however i will still have two classes to take i was planning on taking them summer 2012 and trying to apply for the nursing program for the fall 2012 school year but i was wondering if i should just wait and take those two classes in the fall 2012 and study for my TEAS fall 2012 and apply for the spring 2013 school year. can someone please give me some advice
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  3. by   Amaranthine
    If you think you can do the classes during the summer and pull a high grade, go for it. It's really competitive, so you should try to do what you think will get you the highest grade. I took it slow and didn't do any summer classes and I made it. Also, you should try and see if they offer any online courses. I took a few and they helped balance my work load so that I could get good grades in everything.