Any Chattanooga State RN hopefuls for 2011? - page 3

I was just wondering if there was anyone on here who has applied to Chattanooga State RN program for the fall of 2011... thought we might be able to chat and discuss and unload any worries :D... Read More

  1. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    Thanks so much! I'm anxious already I hope your first semester is going well!
  2. by   CGuess
    [font=book antiqua]do you know if the point system that was used for you guys was based of the teas v version , or the old version? i called chattanooga state a couple of weeks ago; i asked them if the min. 86 points from last fall, if it was going to be higher for this upcoming fall. however the woman i spoke with said they weren't sure at this time what the numbers were going to look like, since it was the teas v version now. i was just curious, since i have been reading that the v version is supposed to be harder, with an 8-10 point difference on the scores.
  3. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    That's a really good point about it being the Teas 5 now! I sure hope that means the scores will be lower!!! I think I'll have just over 86 points after this semester but am taking the Teas again in January and hope to
    score higher. Have you taken it yet? About how many points do u have?
  4. by   CGuess
    [font=book antiqua]yes i took it back in may. the advisor i spoke with suggested that i do that, to see what i need to work on, and so that i could retake if needed in the 6 month period. so i didn't study, i went into it cold turkey haha. i got a composite of 80.4. i at least know what areas i need to work in, and i'm scheduled to retake it in jan. . i don't know how much harder the teas v is compared to the other version, however i guess i didn't do to bad, with being out of school since 93' and not studying. i'm just finishing up this semester in ap i, humanities (mythology), math 1010, and medical terminology. in the past summer semester i took nutrition, chemistry, and general psychology. i have english 101 and the life span psych. complete from when i first went to college in 93'. i'm taking this spring, the micro and ap ii and intro to sociology, abnormal psych. , just to get to full time hrs. i'm still contemplating if taking the micro and ap ii together is a wise move lol. i don't know if i'll get in for the fall class, since i'm still missing the 2 classes. i know i'll have them complete before the fall starts, but i'll be missing them in the point calculations. i'm going to apply anyway, you never know i guess.
    [font=book antiqua]did you take the micro and ap ii already? and if yes, would you suggest splitting them or taking them at the same time as i'm doing ?