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Temporary Part-time position


I am a new grad in British Columbia, and I just got hired to a temporary part time position as a RN.

I'm not very familiar with the seniority system and I'm wondering if a temporary part time position will accumulate any seniority within the health authority? Also does a temp line give the person any benefits?

Any information will be helpful!

Thank you!

Yes. Your seniority accrues as hours (for casuals) or is shown as the date you started your line (as a regular staff). If you get a permanent line before your temp line ends, your seniority will continue based on when you got the temp line. If you become casual after your line, your seniority will convert to hours worked in that temp line. The date might be a bit different if you switch to Full Time but I don't know how that exactly works. If you get a line after being casual for some time, your hours will convert to the period worked as a regular line staff and will be reflected as a date again your seniority. Even with seniority, getting a line for a particular line is easier if you already have a line or work in that unit, so I recommend getting another line when your current line is almost finished. Hope that helps.

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